The Gamer

This short story came to me Sunday morning (9/30) for those who are curious. I would like to eventually send this to a short story website of some form, but it will need some polishing, and perhaps a few more sections. As it is I don’t have an agenda for it. I literally wrote it because they were the words that came to me.



Coad: Hey.

Dillion: Hey whats up?

Coad: We need to talk. Can you get on Ventrilo?


Dillion: Helping my sister right now.

Coad: Ok. We still need to talk. When can you get online?


Dillion’s eyes wandered from the message on his phone to the top of the screen where the clock read 8:20 PM. He then turned and stared up at the computer screen. His sister Marie had asked him to help her with math homework.


Dillion: Give me 30 minutes, cool?

Coad: Sure. Just hurry.


Dillion frowned at the screen before sliding the phone shut and into his pocket. It was uncommon for Coad to be so up tight. That had been Zorn’s job. But Zorn had left the guild, so perhaps Coad was looking to fill that void.


Dillion sighed and leaned over Marie’s chair. He could sense that she was looking up at him, but he was focused on the math problems on the screen. It was only a series of easy algebra equations, but Dillion couldn’t help ask himself why was it his responsibility to help her. This was distracting him from more important things, like taking care of his guild.


Marie finally spoke up, “I tried writing out like the teacher said, but every time I follow her steps I get the problem wrong.”


Dillion looked over at her scratch paper. His sister had neatly copied the original equation at the top, and progressed through the steps of the problem, writing each alteration below the original question and any predeceasing steps. He said nothing, allowing the silence to reveal his annoyance as he quickly solved the problem in his head. The answer was sixteen, but for some reason Marie had come up with negative five instead. Several more seconds of silence, and he had spotted her mistake.


“Marie, when you’re multiplying with a parenthesis, what do you always do?” He asked, his voice carrying the underlining superiority that he felt. After all, he didn’t have to take a remedial math for his freshman year of college.


Marie frowned at the page, saying nothing for several seconds, but finally she asked, “You have to multiply everything in the parenthesis?”


“Yeaaaah.” Dillion couldn’t help but snicker to himself, “Now look at your paper; what did you do?” He pointed at the scratch paper, specifically where Marie had made her original mistake. Marie studied the numbers for several seconds, before she took her pencil and slowly erased the mistake, and corrected it. Sure enough, the answer came out to sixteen.


Silently Dillion turned to walk out of the room. He wanted to log into the game before Coad did. Maybe he could check on his auctions if he was quick. Before he could leave the small office Marie had turned around in her chair and was calling after him.


“Hey! I still need your help! You promi-.”


“Later.” Dillion stated flatly, though he did stop short of walking out of the room.


“But you promised.” Marie offered weakly.


Dillion turned to look back at his sister before sighing audibly, “I wish I could sis, but I got my own homework to do. I’m in college too, you know.”


“But you…” Marie tried again.


“I know. And I will. Later.” Dillion nodded at his statement, knowing full well that he would try to find an excuse to avoid helping her when later actually came.


Marie frowned, then crossed her arms, “That’s what you always say, but then you just go off to those stupid games!”


Dillion could hear the traces of anger in her voice, even though she hadn’t raised her voice. He leaned against the doorframe to the office, “I told you. I have psychology homework to do. Just because I take a few breaks between tasks does not mean I play it all of the time.”


Marie rolled her eyes, “Every time I walk into your room your on that game. You never talk to me. And. And that’s why you don’t have any friends.”


Dillion rolled his eyes. His sister was being illogical again. That was his cue to leave. He turned to walk back upstairs to his room. But Marie followed,


“Its true! I never see you go out with anyone, or talk to anybody. You’re always just in your room on that computer.”


Dillion didn’t stop walking, though he could feel his own temper rising now. “That’s stupid. I’m involved at my church, and besides, I have work that I go to regularly.”


“Yeah right. I bet you play your video game there too! You know,” Dillion could sense Marie puffing herself up in pride at being confided in before she released her next attack, “Mom is worried too. She sometimes wonders if you’re even a Christian. And you never spend time with any of us!”


Dillion reached his room, and stopped at the door. He forced a smile at his sister. “Well thank you for that news flash. But now I really do need to study.” He stepped back to shut the door, but Marie stopped the action short, pushing back against the door.


“You’re always alone! You have no friends! You’re the worst brother ever!”


Dillion forced the door shut, and leaned against it. He wanted to lash out in rebuttal, but he stopped himself short. ‘After all,’ he reminded himself, ‘Christian’s don’t say things in anger.’ He nodded at his self-righteousness and waited for his sister to stop pushing at the door, which she finally did, storming down the hallway to her own room.


With the annoyance removed, Dillion walked over to his bed, and lay down next to his computer. He reached down to the floor and picked up a textbook at random, and his headphones. He lifted the lid of his computer, and clicked on the World of Warcraft icon. It was time for some stress relief. He also clicked on the Ventrilo Icon. As the two applications connected to the internet, he opened the textbook to a random page, and then set it aside.


The Vetrilo application loaded first. He connected to his guild’s chat page. Coad, Zorn, and Mellow were already online.


“Oh hey Dreatar.” Mellow said deliberately. She was the only female officer in the guild, and had been in the leadership before Dillion had been given control. For a chick she was alright at gaming.


“Hey guys,” Dillion replied. “What’s going on?”


“Hey. Uhm. We need to talk.” Coad said. His voice was low, and heavy sounding.


“Great. What’s up?”


“Uhm. We’ve all been talking with the other officers, and we think that you should step down as guild master.” Coad was speaking slowly, and his usual laughing tone was nonexistent.


Dillion froze. The impact of Coad’s words hurt more than anything that Marie had said moments before.


“What… Why?”


“We just… We appreciate all of the time and thought that you’ve given to the guild, but we think that you’ve made several mistakes, which is cool and all. You’ve really done you’re best…” Coad was still speaking extremely slowly, but was cut off by Zorn. His voice carried a heavy midwestern accent.


“We really do appreciate all that you’ve tried to do for the Night Wraiths, Dreatar. But we just think that for a time you should be an officer again. It doesn’t have to be permanent or anything.”


“Yeah. We were just think that since you weren’t a founding member, you should probably spend a little more time in the guild before you take over.” Coad interjected.


Zorn spoke up again. “Yeah man. Like in a few months, we can totally rethink the leading thing again. And I know people would still enjoy having you here.”


Dillion leaned against the headboard of his bead, his mind swimming with the words. He felt like he had been slapped multiple times. Were they really that petty? He trusted these guys. They were his friends. Now they were turning on him. He tried to clear the cobwebs and respond. “Uhm. Have you talked to the other officers?”


“They all agree with us Dreatar.” Zorn said coolly.


Of course they did. Dreatar thought angrily. It was understandable for Zorn to backstab him. That drug addict only thought about himself after all. Still, his guild had betrayed him. Those slime balls had agreed to this coup.


“Alright. I’ll get online and turn power over.” Dillion said with a sigh.


“Thanks man. And like I said. You’re more than welcome to stay. I know a lot of people enjoy having you around.” Zorn said.


“Yeah. Sure.” Dreatar said. He stared at the login screen to World of Warcraft blankly. His fingers were failing at typing in a password that he knew better than his sibling’s birthdays. He slowed himself down, typing each key deliberately before he spoke into his mic again.


“Hey. I’m going to log out of vent for a bit. Be back later maybe.”


“Alright man, well thank you for being so understanding.” Zorn said.


“Like I have a choice.” Dillion shot back coldly. Before anyone could respond, he closed the application, and clicked the icon for his guild leading character. A few seconds of loading, and he was inside of the game. The chat box at the bottom left of the screen lit up with green text, guild chatter. Normally Dillion would read silently for several seconds, taking in what his guild members were taking about. This time he didn’t care. They could all go to hell for all he was concerned.


He quickly clicked over Coad’s name, and clicked to promote him to Guild leader. He then typed the command to leave the guild. He wasn’t going to stay with the traitors, not after this.


He thought about logging into all of his alternative characters, and leave the guild with each one of them. He decided not to. What was the point? Inwardly he could still Marie’s words, cutting like knives.


‘You have no friends.’


‘You’re alone.’


Dillion closed his laptop, and set it on the floor. He didn’t feel like playing just then. He didn’t feel like doing homework. And he especially didn’t feel like going outside of his room to face his sister or parents. He dragged himself out of his bed, and turned off the light. He really should just get some sleep. He had class in the morning after all.

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