Short Stories

As this spring semester wears on I hope to present to you all at least two (if not three or four) new short stories. There has been the lingering hope in my mind to present a small portfolio of my work in order to attract readers, but so far its been frustrated by my intense work load at Texas A&M. That being said, I am making great strides in two projects (one of which is nearing completion), and feel that perhaps I will be able to share a few stories with you all. That being said, there are a few ground rules I would like to ask of you, the reader.

1. Critique the works: So much as you are able and willing, please join with me in this process. I am young, and still in the process of honing my craft. As such I am receptive to any and all thoughts be they conceptual or structural (grammar, spelling, etc.). I will be the first to admit my ignorance, as well as my willing and intense desire to learn.

2. Share: Be this on your own blog, or to a friend that you know. I would love nothing more than to reach a wider audience with what I am writing. If you believe the work is good enough for you to share with others, then do so. All I ask is that you tell your friends or fellow bloggers where the original source can be found. If you do not believe the work is up to snuff, then please refer to request 1. 🙂

3. listen. I believe very strongly in what I have been asserting in my general blog (that truth is presented in everything we write). I am trying to actively present what I believe through what I write, and I would be thrilled if you took a moment to consider what I am saying in each of these pieces.


With these simple thoughts out of the way, I am excited about the prospect of sharing with you all. Words are a beautiful thing. In the Christian tradition, words represent the first instrument that God used to create (In other words, he spoke things into existence). Words are the means to create and destroy. Hopefully these stories will do those two feats by creating understanding, while destroying misconceptions and falsehood. With this almost impossible task now understood…

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