By my reckoning, it’s been a very long time since I last considered this blog. I have gone from entering graduate school to the other side of coursework (though not done with my thesis just yet). I’ve had the opportunity to teach first year comp twice, to read Lewis and Tolkien (and call it homework), and to again return to my hometown and reconnect with church and family. And in the midst of these developments, I remembered this place, and recalled how I left my musing on magic in a corner (unfinished).

If it is just the same, I think I will leave those musing for the time being. Certainly I want to talk about magic (and a great many other things). I want to tell more stories to anyone who reads this little blog. But I also want to talk about logic, and about Lewis’s vision of rhetoric and literary criticism. I want to wonder aloud about belief, and how my faith intersects with presents concerns in the US.

I suppose if I had to summarize my desire for this blog, it would be this: I want to be as honest with you as I possibly can. Not that this place will become a sort of diary, or even that I intend to make this place into a confessional booth; I hope to offer an alternative that I’ve wanted for the last decade or so— a place beyond the growing cacophony. I want this blog to feel like home on a cold winter night. You step inside, and immediately your cheeks and nose sting from the change in temperature.

On the logistics side, my plan is to publish an update about once every two weeks (or there abouts). I will try to use the blog itself as more of a general housekeeping/update center, with other writing being divided into various pages. If I end up needing to change that plan, then so be it. But the intent, currently, is that the various pages and subpages will organize the content so that a reader can pick and choose what interests them.