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Howdy Folks!

So, I’m sorry for the delay in posting to the blog. I had intended to pick things back up when the term ended (in mid December), but one thing led to another and here we are nearing January. I will try (again) to get this blog rolling with some semblance of consistency, however that will probably not begin until sometime in the new year.

On a slightly brighter topic, I discovered by pure accident a way to reduce the price of the printed version of Shadowlander! The retail price of $23 USD has, since the beginning been my greatest frustration with Create Space. However, I found out today that KDP (the service I used for the kindle version) offers a similar print-on-demand feature, but that their price minimum is much lower. This means that the price per printed book will drop to $15 as soon as the book is cleared for release by KDP.

Please consider giving the book a gander once the price has been reduced. If you do buy a copy (digital or print), then I’d make the small request that you please give the book a rating on Amazon.