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The chant that night was louder than before:
“You must speak now, or spoken for will be!”
But only signs of chorus did I see—
The quoted thing they didn’t dare abhor.
“Where are the voices that do not agree?”
“The other side of town where they belong.”
Another rally met ten thousand strong,
And, like this one, they met opponent-free.

Both sides agreed to “right a wrong” that night,
And choosing force, they waged their holy war.
They both declared, “No choice, but whom to fight!”
I saw that fork, but chose a third recourse.

So falls the role to call for silent peace
Upon the mute who walk between two streets.laura-picture


Howdy y’all!

Hope you liked the poem and picture. Credit for the latter to my good friend Laura Parrish– a fantastic artist and writer. For those new to the blog, please feel free to explore, and check out my book Shadowlander. It’s currently on Amazon, and can be acquired in e-book form for less than a dollar.

Will be returning to my academic ramblings next time– hoping to dive into a discussion of elementalism or music. Will most definitely involve a return to the Inklings, and possible a foray into other more recent works of fantasy writing.