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Howdy guys!

So a few bits of business need attending to. First, the plan seems to be that I will [try to] write a blog post every other week in the future. Such a schedule seems to well balance my hopes in building some momentum with the simple reality that any more frequent drives my writing of stories and poetry into a back corner in an effort to put out blog posts.

Next, I’ve just recently enrolled Shadowlander  into a trial run of KDP select. This service enables me to run certain promotions with the digital copy of the book despite restricting me to only one digital edition.

To this end, I’m happy to say that a free version of the book will be available over the weekend on Amazon. Now, there’s one request I am tethering to this which you may completely ignore. If you decide to pick up a free digital copy of the book, would you please consider taking the time to writing a review after you have read it? I am not asking for only good reviews–  I am looking for people to give their honest feedback on what they have read.

Finally, I’m somewhat less exited to say that, because of my signing up for the trial run of KDP, Shadowlander will be unavailable on the ibookstore for the foreseeable future. I will let you know if this changes at any time, but for now, the book will only be available digitally for Kindle.

Now, with all of that bloody housekeeping out of the way, I invite you to look over this sonnet. It’s somewhat new, so please excuse the errors that are currently invisible to my caffeine addled brain.



The pencil markings don’t comprise a verse,
And pilot pens are drying from disuse.
I cannot think or write more than one phrase—
The second always mixes curse with praise.

I said by writing I would know your name,
Or try to understand it and proclaim
The mystery of God once born as man.
Instead, my prayers are filled with my demands.

But with a no you shattered lofty plans—
A simple no I cannot understand.

So writing of myself becomes a grace:
Receive, oh God, this soul in paraphrase.