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I still don’t know how to write this post.

When I began Shadowlander (several years ago), I had a grandiose vision of what I would accomplish. I had absolutely no hesitation thinking that I could change the world around me through mere words, though I was never so honest as to state my ambition in so many words. Because if I did tell someone, then I would have to admit to the intrinsic pride that I still wrestle with on a daily basis.

Pride for what, though? I haven’t accomplished anything so magnificent. I’m a college graduate, someone who’s been published once in a student journal, and who succeeds by surrounding himself with more nimble minds. But I had my facade of humility, and plenty of righteous indignation towards more transparent persons. To that end, I could have easily been imitating Robert Downy Jr. when he played the role of Iron Man in The Avengers. “He [Loki] wants flowers, he wants a parades. He wants a monument built to the skies with his name plastered [on it].”

All of this to say, I have to do some self promotion. I really don’t want to, but the simple fact is that a writer cannot expect to sell unless Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.31.07 PMsomeone promotes their work. To that end, I would like to introduce y’all to Shadowlander. It’s a self-published collection of poems and short stories, and it’s available on Amazon, Kindle, and the iBookstore.

Regarding the content, the book is somewhat eclectic. The short stories are predominantly fantasy, although one flash fiction story is realism. The poems are mostly abstractionist, though some of the newer works flirt with imagism. Almost all are metrical.

I’m including one of the poems from Shadowlander below. If you enjoy it, I hope that you would be willing to look at the rest of Shadowlander. The digital versions only cost $0.99, while the paperback costs $22 (though Amazon has the book on sale right now for $17.60). Thank you in advance if you do decide to purchase a copy. Regardless, I will be working to create more content for this blog, and hope to be a little more regular with my posts.


Beyond the Sea:

At last I’ve found the silver thread
In losing taste for sleep and bed.
While driving down the dusty road
From Dallas to borrowed abode,
I set my mind to place of birth—
This open sky above dry hearth.
And while reflecting came to this
One glimpse of truth that others miss:
The one is blind that only sees
The beauty found beyond the sea.


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