Scheduling constraints (and personal limitations) prevent me from writing or sharing anything fresh with you all. At present I am fostering a kitten, and much of this week was spent helping Breakaway Ministries as a volunteer. Still, I don’t want the blog to be a summer endeavor only, so I am forcing myself back out here, and I hope to repeat the act in a semi-regular fashion. Because of limited time, these posts will almost always be poetry, unless I’m feeling incredibly confident about something.

I wrote this nearly a year ago, and transcribed it to my computer in November of 2014. I’m not sure what sparked the original idea, but that is the case with many poems that are older than one year.

Into rocky winding song
Valley narrow, verses long
And with bleeding hands hold on
While the burden tumbles gone.
Cold refrain at valley’s head
Sing aloud until you’re dead
Perhaps one day to be read
“On smooth sheets now rest your head.”