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I promise that, at some point, I will return to a more wholesale presentation of creativity. My hope has been that, every other post, I could present some piece to you– be that a prose or poem. The ‘off’ posts, like my last, would then be thought of as the miscellaneous bits and pieces that allow me to pad this blog out.

Regarding the bit I am showing you today: I thought that I would share an incredibly small piece of something that I am working on. Its a part of the first chapter, but I think it is safe enough to share. I should also note: As this is a draft I am sharing with you, it is very likely that this is not the final form of this paragraph. It is extremely probable that I will either revise it again, or even possibly omit it. To that end, if you have a strong opinion one way or another, I’d ask that you share them in the comments. It is always helpful to receive feedback.
All of that said, enjoy!


Thirty minutes after Gregory left the tavern, it began to rain; thunder and lightning soon followed. There was a myth often told in Pharus that the Fairy King wept on the night after one human murdered another. Though the sky was usually overcast, it didn’t rain often. Indeed, it might never stop raining were the myth actually true.