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I should preface this by saying that I am in no way contemplating anything rash. This is simply a series of verses I figured out for my story. The ambition for these lines is to summarize what is happening and what will happen later on in the story.



Wish with me, wishes three,
While we see, swinging tree.
Scarf for free, fit for thee,
While we see, swinging tree.

Come for more, wishes four,
Fit the poor, on the floor.
Clothes they tore, yelling whore,
Blood they pour, on the floor.
Those alive, wishes five,
Only Strive, just survive.
Dance and jive, while deprive,
Poor do strive, just survive.She fed me, wishes three,
Always free, swinging tree.
Gave lady, scarf for free,
Wore did she, swinging tree.